VICHY Dercos Filler - an innovation for damaged hair
 In August 2013 VICHY present means a new generation of hair care - Dercos Filler instantaneous.

Pre-treatment for the rehabilitation of dry and damaged hair:
- Thinning
- Dryness and brittleness
- Staining
- Chemical treatments hair

Sometimes hair can be so damaged that even long-term care does not bring the expected results, since the majority of traditional hair care products affect only the surface of damaged hair.

VICHY is filler with an innovative molecule Filloksan 5%

Molecule Filloksan (Filloxane) 5% Like injection penetrates through the cuticle into the core of the hair (cortex), bonded together fiber cortex and cuticle. It fills hairline cracks in the cuticle and enhances nutritional properties of care (masks, balms, oils). It has a long duration of action.

 VICHY Dercos Filler - an innovation for damaged hair

100% effective
Even the most damaged hair recovered from the 1st application! *
98% of women reported that their hair has become more powerful and well-groomed
96% of women believe their hair is restored
87% of women said the additional volume of hair **

100% pleasure
Delicate transparent texture filleralegko applied. It has a pleasant aroma.

100% secure
Hypoallergenic. Without parabens.

Filler used Dercos after shampoo before applying the mask or balm!
Not used separately from the balm or a mask!

* Instrumental test.
** Consumer test. 115 women. Result after 15 days of using the shampoo + Filler + care.

Estimated price: 950 rubles. (125 ml)

Author: Anna Shustrova