Oat-apple drink by Herbalife
 Daily support of the optimal functioning of the digestive system!

Nutritionists strongly recommend not accidentally included in the daily diet not less than 20 g dietary fiber (dietary fiber) . Dietary fibers are necessary to maintain healthy functioning of the digestive system. But the modern diet contains a lot of refined, processed foods, in which the amount of dietary fiber is minimal. Their daily shortage may eventually have a negative impact on the functioning of the digestive system, cause discomfort and slow saturation, as a consequence - overeating and overweight. Are you sure that you consume a sufficient amount of dietary fiber every day?

Firm Herbalife   - An expert in the field of balanced nutrition - is oat apple drink: complex of natural dietary fiber (fiber) needed for the daily support of the digestive system !

It consists of 100% natural range of high quality fiber *. Thus, soluble and insoluble dietary fibers are optimally combined, so it is recommended by nutritionists. Total 1 cup oat apple drink provides 25% of the daily requirement for dietary fiber and helps to:

• to maintain the function of the natural purification of the body;
• create and maintain intestinal microflora.

In one portion of Oat-apple drink less than 15 kcal That is especially important for those who want to control their weight.

 Oat-apple drink by Herbalife

Oat-apple drink is ideal for use during breakfast. Due to delicate apple taste and handy format of the powder can be used as a standalone drink, as well as add to the cocktail of "Formula 1"! Make Oat and apple drink part of your balanced breakfast, and in the morning you can be sure to maintain an optimal functioning of the digestive system, and hence - more effectively control your weight during the day!

* Dietary fiber from oats, apples, corn, citrus, soybean and chicory.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova