The contest "Innovation: change for the better" with Jacobs Monarch Millicano on
 In the confusion of days we do not see as the future becomes the present. But back to our grandmothers were unknown to such inventions as the microwave oven and hair curlers, BB cream and granola ... If you think about it you realize how many products and devices make our lives easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable. Write about one of them, taking part in the competition for, and get a innovative coffee Jacobs Monarch Millicano!

5 winners of the creative contest will receive a gift from our sponsor 2 cans (95 grams each) news Jacobs Monarch Millicano .

Jacobs Monarch Millicano   - A completely new category in the coffee market - coffee "in a soluble powder." It combines a deep taste and rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee and convenience of instant cooking. Thanks to a special manufacturing technology, each soluble granule Jacobs Monarch Millicano   It contains solid particles of ultrafine grinding of the roasted beans which clearly disclose the nature of the coffee beans in each cup.

The emergence of a new generation of coffee Jacobs Monarch Millicano   It became the hottest news for fans of the drink worldwide. The unique combination of rich flavor and delicate aroma of ground coffee and instant speed cooking has transformed the future of this product in the current European trend, which appreciated real coffee drinkers.

 The contest "Innovation: change for the better" with Jacobs Monarch Millicano on

We invite you to take part in the competition, which is conducted social network, Women's Encyclopedia and coffee brand with a worldwide reputation Jacobs !

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Author: Anna Shustrova