Why do we need an invisible liner lip
 There is such a product - an invisible lip liner. He has appeared recently, but already have in their collections Make Up For Ever, Sally Hansen, the other brands. What created this object makeup?

What is the main problem of bright lips? Of course, the resistance! Bright lipstick rarely lasts longer than a couple of hours, and I would like to have a lasting make-up for the whole day!

We came to the aid of a primer, primers, different tricks with dusting and multiple applying lipstick. And here is one more welcome. For him and an invisible lip liner.

Firstly, it is possible to trace the contour of the lips, lipstick that does not spread and did not acquire the effect of lip bleeding. With invisible pencil is absolutely not necessary to select the color shade of lipstick. Second, the invisible pencil can paint over the entire surface of the lips, thus creating a primer under lipstick. A primer is clearly doing makeup lips more resistant. Such a coating also works with any shade of lipstick.

 Why do we need an invisible liner lip

Marking a colorless lip liner can be the following: Invisible, colorless, Evercolor.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina