The contest "All it is concerned" with Avon in the "Home Moms"
 No wonder they say that a woman with a gift to please a lot easier. The fair sex always appreciate what is done qualitatively, beautifully and tastefully - whether porcelain or stylish beautician, elegant scarf or a functional day planner book for inspiration or a pile of fashion magazines. And all because of the range of interests of women is incredibly wide - and fashion, beauty, psychology, and health, and more.

On the eve of March 8 international brand Avon Whose products would be a wonderful gift for a romantic student and a successful business woman, dressed according to the latest fashion trends or gorozhanki neformalki, will present the winners of the competition on a set of cosmetics

A new series of funds Anew «Energy Charge" from Avon   - A new step in the care of a person for the women who live in the fast paced rhythm of the city, and always strive to look good.

The secret to the effectiveness Anew «Energy Charge" in a unique complex ProEnergy, which allows the skin day after day to look healthy and blooming, helps to cope with the effects of fatigue and stress, and prevents aging of the skin, giving it a fresh healthy glow. The complex Anew «Energy Charge" has everything you need to skin looked fresh and rested as after a full healthy sleep.

Kits Anew winners of the contest will receive 10 . Each collection (and, accordingly, the prize set) comprises:

1.Ochischayuschee means to face;
2.Aktiviziruyuschy Face Cream SPF 25;
3.Nochnoy gel-cream;
4.Aktiviziruyuschy cream for the skin around the eyes.

 The contest "All it is concerned" with Avon in the "Home Moms"

The contest will run from February 8 to March 7, 2013 . Results will be announced on March 8, 2013. All articles that meet the conditions of the contest will be published in the Encyclopedia of Women

Rules for participation in the contest ...

Author: Anna Shustrova