Competition "My friends on»
 Surprisingly, the roads are sometimes people who are away from us on the other side of the monitor and it does not matter how many kilometers away from each other, and time zones. And sometimes so eager to talk about their online friends, their dignity, their significance in our lives, or simply thank warmly here just for what they are.

On the eve of the biennium, we all note December 1, together with the VITEK brand give you the opportunity to be invited to participate in the competition "My friends on».

To enter the contest you must place the story of his virtual friend or friends with whom you become friends on in the competitive group, "My friends on», from 16 November to 29 November 2012 inclusive.

The winner, who took the first place by user voting results, will receive a gift Vacuums VT-1838   from VITEK With unique HEPA-filter system Which effectively "fighting" for perfect purity in your home.

 Competition "My friends on»

* Vacuum cleaner equipped with a high suction power, the 7-speed filtration system, additional dust collector for elimination of dry dust, an automatic cord winder, nozzles for cleaning different surfaces: the universal brush with the switch "floor / carpet" crevice tool for hard to reach places, cleaning brush upholstery, and brushed the dust. Vacuums VT-1838 Dust capacity provided capacity of 3, 5 liters, which eliminates the need for replacement dust bags. Due to the capacity of the water tank 0, 6 liters, you can tidy up for quite some time and adjust the power depending on the type of cleaning.

The winner, who took the decision of the administration site second place will receive a gift Maksiblender VT-1480   from VITEK .

 Competition "My friends on»

* Maksiblender equipped with a powerful motor (800 W), 20 th speeds and Turbo mode for fast and efficient grinding in a large plastic bowl volume of 1.75 liters and a small chopper (500 ml) a significant number of products, nine nozzles made of stainless steel, measuring cup 800 ml (special storage platform allows compact place all accessories maksiblendera). One of the main advantages of maksiblendera VT-1480 is a nozzle for dicing, which will help you cut products perfect cubes. Variable speed control allows you to select the optimum mode for the treatment of various types of products.

The winner, who will determine the contest sponsor brand VITEK It will be awarded Iron VT-1225   from VITEK With a unique non-stick soleplate UltraCare .

 Competition "My friends on»

* Iron is equipped with equipped with an innovative antiprigranym coated UltraCare, which is applied in a unique way - pressure spray in two layers that lets you iron clothes with metallic accessories, powerful steam boost up to 140 g / min, which will smooth out the most stubborn creases, feature vertical steam, smooth adjustable steam, auto, built-in protection against scale and a system of "Antikaplya."

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Author: Anna Shustrova