New pore minimizer Sisley: Global Perfect Pore Minimizer
 To skin was flawless - the Global action - "minimizer then." The first remedy for skin beauty, aimed at the solution of all problems, provoking an increase in the diameter of the pores so that the skin without makeup look perfect. Even up close.

Serum "global Perfect" while simultaneously correcting, preventive and instantaneous contains powerful effective components in high concentration, so that:

• Smooth surface relief of the skin;
• Visually and actually reduce the diameter of the pores;
• to normalize oily skin suffering from giperseborei;
• To strengthen the structure of the dermis in the mature skin;

It is designed for young women, and mature skin and allows for two main reasons stretching far:
• Giperseboreyu;
• The phenomenon of parakeratosis associated with age: the nuclear cells - keratinocytes, abnormally keep the core in the process of differentiation - accumulate on the edges of the pores, depriving it of elasticity.

It operates simultaneously in 3 directions:

• Long-term correction: as the application surface texture of the skin is markedly improved;
• Immediate correction: immediately after application the skin becomes smoother;
• Prevention: Prevents parakeratosis.

 New pore minimizer Sisley: Global Perfect Pore Minimizer

Stunning formula restores freshness, brightness and silky smooth skin for several weeks.

Serum "global Perfect" works with sebum, adjusting expansion has caused hyperseborrhoea.

In the case of severe seborrhea time to expand, getting rid of excess sebum.

By reducing the activity of the enzyme, causing the synthesis of sebum, Javan tea leaf extract New active ingredient Sisley, reduces the expression of giperseborei.

Cleansed, the pores become less visible, the surface of the skin a smooth and uniform.

Serum "global Perfect" affects the expansion of pores, age-related, corrects uneven skin texture on the surface and strengthens the structure of the dermis.

After 40 years of age-related loss of elasticity of the skin pores aggravates the strain.

Year after year, the accumulation of cells at the edges of Nuclear pore coarsens their walls, preventing the reduction: the pores appear hollow and distorted.

The extract of green lentils New active ingredient Sisley, rich in oligosaccharides, normalizes the process of cellular differentiation and promotes cell renewal. By slowing the deformation has, preventing damage, serum "global perfect" significantly improves skin microrelief.

To combat the "subsidence" has included in the formula a peptide extract of soybean Stimulating collagen synthesis. Simultaneously an extract of white willow   It acts as an anti-elastase and anti-collagenase.

Serum "global Perfect" you will quickly notice the difference! Pores "erased" almost immediately - the effect of "the baby's skin."

 New pore minimizer Sisley: Global Perfect Pore Minimizer


Serum "global perfect" gives immediate results at the expense of maintaining the level of skin hydration: when applied every formula containing Extract Ratanov , Tightens pores, and boron nitride Masking flaws, smoothes and refreshes the skin, moisturizing it.


Amazing velvety texture of the emulsion gel "melts" in the skin, forming a mesh matting and smooth, like a masking veil that hides the heterogeneity of the effect of the skin without clogging.

The texture of the skin becomes smoother, the pores are cleared if the tone gets freshness and brightness.

Author: Anna Shustrova