Collection "Aquarelle" from ORLY
 A charming collection of lacquers "Watercolor" is the company ORLY. Immerse yourself in the original creative ideas and expand into new talents!

Elegant and bright at the same time subtle shades will help to create an unusual manicure, giving your nails a stunning glitter. Six colors of the new collection is the epitome of tenderness, will emphasize the sophistication and beauty of the female hand.

Dark blue Saphire Silk , Pastel green Ancient Jade , Milk Pure Porcelain , purple Royal Velvet   and bright pink hue Fancy Fuchsia   nails will make a real work of art!

 Collection "Aquarelle" from ORLY

Immerse yourself in the world of work, you feel like a real professional, to create a masterpiece with your hands, thanks to the bright and at the same time soft and romantic colors from the collection of lacquers "Watercolor"   from ORLY !

The collection is presented in 6 colors.

Author: Anna Shustrova