Good news: the gel manicure is not dangerous
 All good gel manicure, but one detail confuses many women: UV lamps were considered dangerous, provocative skin cancer. But today we have good news: the danger of incandescent gel exaggerated.

There is no reason for concern. A new study by independent experts and published on the site, dispels all fears and prejudices. It was found that the risks of skin cancer increased if the number of sessions held under the lamp is between 13 000 and 40 000. It would take 250 years to do if the gel manicure once a week. Agree, an unlikely prospect. Therefore, we can calm down and continue to experiment with the gel.

Why suddenly the UV lamp become harmless? - You ask. The fact is that the nails used for so-called "narrow-band UVB-rays", which is much safer than those used in tanning.

Conclusion? Do not be afraid of the gel manicure salons. While many experts still recommend the use of a hand cream with SPF-filter in this procedure.

Author: Julia Gnedina