After a dry shampoo - dry air conditioner
 If you, like us, obsessed with the idea to wash and style your hair as little as possible, then the expected new you exactly happy.

Dry shampoo allows us to not wash your hair every day, do not torment them sulfates. Among other things, it gives volume. But deprived of their luster.

Now, after a dry shampoo invented a new product - the dry air conditioning. These are the same are useful for scalp and hair oil, but in powder form. In fact, like the dry body oil. Dry air conditioner adds shine to hair and protects them from external influences. But without the use of water.

Women in Europe can already appreciate the advantages of new items. As soon as we can and we try, be sure to share your impressions.

 After a dry shampoo - dry air conditioner

Author: Julia Gnedina