Black coffee and latte - feel the difference of 5 kg!
 Nutritionists estimate that the daily consumption of coffee latte faces 5 extra pounds a year. This is the price for the enjoyment of a mild creamy taste.

Experts estimate that a classic latte contains from 155 to 250 kcal. In the conventional cup of black coffee only 35 kcal. Thus, the difference is more than palpable. Alas, it can be seen not only on the calculator, but also at the waist. 5 kilograms - so much gaining latte lover for a year.

Curiously, the "latte effect" is observed, regardless of the human diet - whether it at least three times on a healthy and non-caloric diet.

"Everybody is excited about a latte because fat milk gives him a very special taste" - said the chief of the organization of fitness trainers Jean Marnoch. However, this pleasure will cost you a figure.

Author: Marina Tumovskaya