It unveiled a new logo YSL
 The house is undergoing a rebranding YSL brand. The label «Yves Saint Laurent» disclaims words «Yves» in their composition, and will now be referred to simply as «Saint Laurent».

This famous three letters YSL, intertwined, are a sign of the brand. But the name itself will consist of only two words «Saint Laurent».

Writing these two words will be more modern, sans-serif. Experts say that the new writing is very similar to what it was in 1966. But the authors of the re-branding makes a clear parallel with the time, saying that the time was associated with the awakening of young people around the world and in France, the arrival of a new generation of free. Update Houses YSL should also attract things to his younger audience.

Now if you'll see on the new product instead of cosmetics «Yves Saint Laurent» two words «Saint Laurent», did not suspect that this Chinese forgery. From now on, the name of the famous House of Yves Saint Laurent.

 It unveiled a new logo YSL

Author: Julia Gnedina