The contest "child's play" with the Defender
 Childhood - a time of fun and entertainment fun. And we buy toys and games, organize their leisure crumbs we parents. By choosing for their child a toy, thinking over what it take, we think not only about how to bring joy, but also on other important tasks: how to develop his fine motor skills, spatial thinking, imagination, coordination, language skills, How to make your baby more sensitive, responsive, instill in him the good feelings. Write about the most interesting game, a toy, a favorite leisure time with your child - and win wonderful prizes from brand Defender!

The competition is held in the social network "Home Moms" 3 August to 3 September 2012 . The competition results will be announced 4-5 September 2012 . All articles that satisfy the conditions of the contest will be published in a women's encyclopedia

And now the most pleasant - prizes that our winners will receive from brand Defender - one of the leaders in the production of peripherals and accessories for personal computers and interactive entertainment .

The winner will receive a family set-top box with active games . This is a great gift not only for children but also for adults. The console 60 built-in games, including 11 - with the support of game accessories. Work out in the comfort of home! The character on the screen will repeat all your movements. It includes interactive games, boxing, golf, darts, bowling and others. Included - 4 types of gaming accessories: baseball bat, tennis racket 2, 2 rackets for tennis and golf club. The package come 2 wireless controller with motion sensors and vibration mode. You can compete not only in tennis, ping pong, baseball, billiards and even dancing and fishing! The prefix does not require any configuration. Simply connect the console to the TV and play!

 The contest "child's play" with the Defender

Runner-up in the competition, get a portable game console Defender Sharky Legend100 .

 The contest "child's play" with the Defender

Defender Sharky Legend100 - 100 is embedded 16-bit games of different genres. Here is what to choose not only the child, but also parents - classic, logical and sport games, race and Flying, Action, Shooting, and others. Its compact size console will not take up much space, and the fall will not bring the console unusable.

Anyone who takes the third place, a gift will get a portable game console Defender Sharky Dream100 .

 The contest "child's play" with the Defender

Defender Sharky Dream100 - 100 is embedded 16-bit games of different genres. You and your child will certainly appreciate the big selection of games, compact size, rugged consoles and reliable fastening of the battery cover.

The participant who takes the fourth place will receive a PlayStation Portable Defender Sharky Mix200 .

 The contest "child's play" with the Defender

Defender Sharky Mix200 - 200 is built-in 8-bit games of different genres. In this model, you will find an arcade, rpg, shooters, racing, Flying, sports, games and classic games. Prefix easily fits in your pocket so you can take with you everywhere - on a walk, on a trip. Even if you drop the console, it does not fail, the batteries do not fall out.

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Author: Marina Tumovskaya