The contest "personal experience"
 Personal experience - a combination of knowledge, skills and abilities learned the most valuable source of information about anything.

Site and permanent sponsor of our portal Philips brand invites you to participate in a new monthly contest "personal experience." Share your experience in any field, in the competitive group of "personal experience" and get a chance to win great prizes from Philips.   Dates of competition: 26.09.2012 - 31.10.2012 inclusive.

The winner, who took the first place by user voting results, will receive a gift steamer HD9139 from Philips Equipped with unique technology Flavour Booster, which is food with the delicious aroma of herbs and spices.

 The contest "personal experience"

* The compact design of the new steamer HD9139 saves space in your kitchen and ideal for cooking small quantities of food, at the same time allowing the train to a three-course meal: it is equipped with a separator Duo Basket, function Keep Warm to maintain the temperature of food before serving, as well as special units for the fish potatoes and chicken. Timer function and diversity of the products recommended to cook in a double boiler HD9139 will make it your favorite kitchen helper in any business!

The winner, who took the decision of the administration site second place will receive a gift Kettle HD4677 from Philips   from the collection of Viva, with two-way display, which allows you to determine exactly how many cups in the water is heated, removable filter double descaling.

 The contest "personal experience"

* Maker is equipped with stylish neon display, wireless stand with 360 ° rotation for ease of use, a beep notification boiling water and ergonomic design.

The winner, who will determine the contest sponsor brand Philips It will be awarded Philips HR1659 blender Equipped with an innovative attachment for cutting cubes of different ingredients.

 The contest "personal experience"

* The blender is equipped with a controlled, secure the motor in combination with 20 speeds and a special turbo button, innovative nozzle dicing ingredients nozzle for cutting vegetables and fruits into thin slices, as well as specially adapted for kneading and volumetric cup has an ergonomic design.

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Author: Anna Shustrova