Christina Aguilera will soon release a new fragrance
 In October, the American singer Christina Aguilera released another novelty perfume - fragrance Red Sin, the new attractive and sexy scent for women. Red Sin means "red sin," and that name says a lot.

The fragrance is based on the notes of red apple, cinnamon, cyclamen, red ginger, musk and sandalwood. Will in vials 15, 30, 50 and 100 ml, in a perfumed water.

The new fragrance - an opportunity to recall that odors from Christina Aguilera - one of the most successful in the world among celebrity fragrances. The first fragrance under its own name Cristina released in the early 2000s, however, these trends were not as successful, and has already taken out of production. Bestsellers odors from the star began when she began to work with Procter & Gamble (contract for the use of the name Christina Aguilera was signed in 2007).

This was followed by high-profile premieres: Inspire (2008), Christina Aguilera By Night (2009), Royal Desire (2010), Secret Potion (2011). And in 2012, he published Red Sin, is expected once the commercial success of the singer.

 Christina Aguilera will soon release a new fragrance

Author: Julia Gnedina