Competition for «And it was so ..."
 Attention! In the women's social network, in the "Games with the words" I have launched a new contest "And it was so ...".

The problem of participants - to write a work that has to end that way the finale:

The end of the summer. Big city, bustling avenue by which noise rushing cars. Unstable weather - the sun, the clouds. Wind ruffled balls from the merchants Souvenirs, scraps of posters at bus stops, flooring garment zyabnuschih from passers-by. Along the fences from the roadway is angry grandmother, dressed a little warmer than the weather requires. She's in the hands of a shopping bag out of it sticks umbrella shifted eyebrows, lips busy angry whisper. Granny goes along the avenue, stopping at the poles, tearing off their packs of colorful ads, muttering, puts them in a bag, and goes on to the next post.

Here's a final you need to submit, consider and write him a start. In any genre, in any mood.

The three winners, which are determined by user voting, will receive prizes from the publisher Eksmo:

  Anna and Sergei Litvinovy ​​"Remember the Future"

 Competition for «And it was so ..."

In the new novel stellar literary duo Litvinov, published in the publishing house "Eksmo", for investigating the mysterious murder took not professional. Alex Danilov - not a detective, not a private detective or a police officer. Alex - the psychic, and to find the murderer, the hero does not have time to use their extraordinary abilities. Obviously, if the crime smacks of mysticism, it is time for non-standard solutions.

  Marianna Goncharova "Dragon of Perkalaba"

 Competition for «And it was so ..."

Marianne Goncharova parable style captivates with its beauty and melodiousness. Like of rough gems, in the novel "Dragon of Perkalaba" meet capacious Ukrainian word and juicy. The dragons and sorcerers, healers and forgotten tale - so difficult to understand where the truth ends and fiction begins an amazing author, in which you want to believe with all my heart. Well, and suddenly it all - right? Listening to your heart, Marianne woven in the book special veretku - colorful homespun track, which was a place long days and fleeting years, and the pure joy of endless sorrow ...

  Guillaume Musso "Save me"

 Competition for «And it was so ..."

Meet the lyrical and beautiful story of hope, mystical and fascinating story of redemption, intricate detective, elegant and romantic love story from the charming French writer of modern times!

"Target =" _ blank "& gt; Valeriy Zelenogorsk" My facebook "

 Competition for «And it was so ..."

The story of "My facebook", which gave its name to the new collection of works by the author, - the result of a kind of literary game, shocking experiment conducted Zelenogorsk social network. Outline of the plot created in real time, "in the eyes of the amazed public," take an active part in this process. This is not the first attempt to integrate the views of readers in the writing process, but perhaps the most illustrative.

  Irina Muravyov "The Passion According to Yuri"

 Competition for «And it was so ..."

Mellifluous syllable almost visible and tangible imagery text, powerful dramatic intensity of the plot - in terms of performance, this remarkable novel metaphor is perfect. The book is easy to read and leaves behind a company aftertaste, so characteristic of creativity Muravyova - deep, aching, poignant sense of unbearable sweetness and beauty of life that is so relentlessly short.

The contest ends October 14, 2012.

More to read about the conditions of the competition can be here

Author: Anna Shustrova