New designs STEAMCREAM: facial make-up artists known
 The Anglo-Japanese cream STEAMCREAM recently come to the Russian market, and has already won the love of many compatriots. The secret of this love lies in the versatility of cream: it can be used for face and hand and applied to the entire body. In addition, the cream consists of only natural components. Finally, the jars are decorated with interesting design and limited edition.

For creating STEAMCREAM   Steam uses a unique technology that creates a light and delicate emulsion. As part of the media: a moisturizing and soothing the infusion of oats . orange flower water   and healing spike oil .

As already mentioned, the cream is packaged in eco-friendly design, aluminum cans, with screw cap. Recently, news came from the United Kingdom on the issue of jars with a new design. At this time, we will see on the covers face the famous make-up artists, drawn by Japanese illustrator fashion Yoko Nagamia   (Yoco Nagamiya).

Gemma (Jemma)

Known vizazhistka and sister of supermodel Jodie Kidd   (Jodie Kidd) - Jemma Kidd   (Jemma Kidd). About STEAMCREAM Gemma says: "I have always been a supporter of natural cosmetics. It's great that there is a product that not only take care of your skin and the environment, but also very effective!"

 New designs STEAMCREAM: facial make-up artists known

Wendy (Wendy)

Other vizazhistka Wendy Rowe   (Wendy Rowe), world-renowned for his work with the brand Burberry Beauty, said: "STEAMCREAM was my favorite product for a long time. I like its light texture on my skin. It's such a versatile product that is suitable for all skin types" .

 New designs STEAMCREAM: facial make-up artists known

Ruby (Ruby)

The third character - Ruby Hammer   (Ruby Hammer), whose experience in the beauty industry for 25 years. She is the founder of the brand Ruby & Millie and Scarlett & Crimson. On his jar Ruby says: "I'm in love with a dark-colored tin and paisley pattern that looks very modern, but also refers to my Asian ancestry. STEAMCREAM main product in my makeup kit ..."

 New designs STEAMCREAM: facial make-up artists known

Author: Anna Shustrova