New products from BeYu. Mascara new generation
 Eyes are the mirror of the soul. Such mirrors are worthy of the most luxurious frames. This fall BeYu is ultra chic ways to create frames for your eyes. The new generation of the carcass BeYu creates flirty, fluttering, and recycled incredibly voluminous lashes. You will enjoy the perfect painting, the most popular effects, high durability and caring compositions ...

Meet fascinating volume and a clear division with mascara Beauty Star Mascara BeYu.

 New products from BeYu. Mascara new generation

Special brush mascara Beauty Star has 2 sides. Step one: Use the strontium short bristles for a perfect separation and staining the shortest cilia. Step two: fill lashes super volume and lengthen by hand with long bristles. Take care of the lower cilia - the party with the short bristles is ideal for them. This fascinating volume - what you need for your expressive makeup.

The formula mascara contains castor oil, softens and moisturizes eyelashes. Vitamin E helps to maintain, water repellent and resistant texture will keep your makeup in the most extreme conditions.
Curling Star Mascara BeYu to open, incredibly attractive eyelashes.

 New products from BeYu. Mascara new generation

Feel yourself in the multi-effect Curling Star: one touch shaped brush allows perfect twist noticeably lengthen and separate lashes, adding a great amount.

You model your lashes effortlessly: the location of a fan bristles gently lift and fix the smooth bend. The ideal division of cilia provides a special form of each bristle. This fills lashes mascara intense color and volume, making them longer, opening the eyes! Castor oil is a part will take care of each cilium, giving a soothing and moisturizing effect.

Multiply your lashes with Unlimited Lashes Mascara BeYu.

 New products from BeYu. Mascara new generation

Innovative silicone brush mascara Unlimited Lashes win love, even among fans of classic mascara brush! The closely spaced to each other silicone bristles paint over each cilium separately, providing a perfect result. The elaborate structure of the brush allows you to gain the optimal amount of mascara - no more lumps and glued eyelashes! Just a couple of movements, and your eyelashes are multiplied as if by magic.

Mascara contains rice bran wax, resin Senegalese stocks and moisturizers that provide food and care for the lashes.

Dramatic volume of Power Volume Mascara - Boosting Effect BeYu.

 New products from BeYu. Mascara new generation

Your eyelashes are no longer willing to compromise, make-up "in the style of Twiggy" - what you need for expressive image! Special tanks for accurate and innovative mascara brush allow you to attach each cilium dramatic expression. Power Volume nourishes lashes volume and super ultra-black. Do not forget the extension - dramatic makeup without it is unthinkable!

The composition of the carcass includes rice wax and resin Senegalese acacia care of your eyelashes. Pay attention to the compact size of the tube, it will allow to take Power Volume with you wherever you go!

Until now in doubt, choose what kind of ink? This label will help you!

 New products from BeYu. Mascara new generation

Author: Anna Shustrova