Nicole Richie launches her debut fragrance
 The star designer, writer, mother - to the list of his achievements of Nicole Richie will soon be able to add "flavor creator". In September, the first perfume will experience from Nicole Richie, who still called ┬źNicole┬╗.

When Nicole was thinking about what will be her first fragrance, then he decided that he would devote his mother. In Nicole's childhood memories - her mother, with her multi-layered as manifested star odor. It reaches a mixture of body lotion and oil, which enjoyed Mom Nicole. She remembers vivid sensations of vanilla, amber and wood, and would like to transfer those notes in his new fragrance.

The novelty has received intense and feminine. Opens composition notes of juicy black currant and orange. Heart notes - golden amber, Moroccan rose, lily, papyrus. A base - saturated, bright: cashmere wood, sandalwood, patchouli and sweet vanilla absolutes.

Nicole by Nicole Richie is in the form of perfume (55 to 69 dollars) plus a body lotion and shower gel.

 Nicole Richie launches her debut fragrance

The bottle design Richie made complicated multilayered. Explained by the fact that her fragrance ambiguous women who combine the elegance and spontaneity of the maiden. The advertisement Richie also refused sugary images, she wants to see the feminine and sexy image, rather than to develop the image of restless girly.

While it is known that the new product will be sold in the US, UK and Australia. If the prime minister is successful, Nicole has planned the launch of his second fragrance (August 2013) and flanker (Summer 2013).

Author: Julia Gnedina