Sensual fragrance by Halle Berry created to attract men
 The famous black woman Catwoman Halle Berry (Halle Berry) is also preparing to release his new fragrance this fall. The new creation is called with sexual overtones - Closer (Eng. "Closer"). Perfume should appear already just about at the end of September. Closer to the 5th aroma Berry.

Wood-floral fragrance composition combines fresh notes with the classic male fern accord. Male and female in his arms like a merge.

This perfume was created in order to induce and maintain the attraction between man and woman. Holly wanted a new flavor was unique and irresistibly attracted the opposite sex, creating a kind of intimate aura.

Closer   It was developed by an eminent perfumer Jacques Cavallier   (Jacques Cavallier).

* Symphony fragrance opens with notes ozone, wild raspberry   and water lily .

* Heart includes mimosa   (actress favorite flowers), as well violet, cedar   and fern accord .

* At the base you will hear vanilla, mahogany, cashmere   and musk .

 Sensual fragrance by Halle Berry created to attract men

Perfume is going to be a loop.

And now we present you the video advertising aroma. However, Halle Berry neveroyano it good?

Author: Anna Shustrova