Whitening Now ... Smile! Corrector is now in Russia
 This fall, the English brand Pearl Drops, gained popularity throughout the world, coming to Russia with an innovative product Now ... Smile! Corrector. Instant whitening effect and visible results in a few minutes - qualities that this means love of beauty in different countries. Since September 2012, the corrector can be purchased in drugstores and hypermarkets Russia

Now ... Smile! Corrector - a miniature bottle with liquid bleach and convenient brush. It is designed for rapid use and instant giving a natural whiteness of teeth. Concealer is versatile and is suitable for men and women. It is indispensable to people living in the mode of non-stop, and those who want to have a Hollywood smile.

Now ... Smile! Corrector you can take with you to the office, at a party or on a trip. It can easily fit in a purse, pocket or clutch, because of its length of 8 cm and weighs no more than the usual lip gloss.

Its use is very simple - you need to get wet cloth teeth, then apply concealer and wait for about 2-4 minutes. During this time the color of the teeth will be 1-2 shades whiter. Clinically proven formula of the main component of the whitening is absolutely safe for the enamel. It effectively and gently whitens teeth without causing harm.

Due to rapid effect, and ease of use, stylish novelty Now ... Smile! Corrector becomes indispensable for anyone who wants to look confident and willing to admire the surrounding beautiful smile.

Information about the brand Pearl Drops:
Pearl Drops - English brand tools for teeth whitening and oral care, whose motto was the phrase "Discover the power of your smile! ". The line includes Pearl Drops products of daily use, needed to keep the natural whiteness of teeth whitening toothpastes and proofreaders, care for their teeth for smokers.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila