Brand Yves Saint Laurent wants to abandon the word «Yves» in the title
 Big changes are waiting house Yves Saint Laurent. Founded back in 1960, he wants to become more modern and dynamic, and for this even willing to give up part of the name of its founder.

Rumors about this sounded authoritative portal WWD. Hedi Slimane, head of the House, said that the House is willing to give a new name «Saint Laurent Paris» (Saint Laurent Paris). Although the change of a recognizable logo of three letters YSL speech does not go, he will remain as he is known fans and admirers.

WWD notes that the precedent of changing the name in the fashion world has been. House Coco Chanel (Coco Chanel) has become a House of Chanel, and Christian Dior House has long been on the pages of glossy and some advertisements called the House of Dior.

The founder of the House of Yves Saint Laurent, Yves Saint Laurent died four years ago. In recent years, the master of life experienced many conflicts concerning his inheritance. He was not happy with the way the heirs, including the famous Tom Ford used his name and disrespectful attitude to the history of the brand. Yves Saint Laurent even once wrote Tom Ford: "For 13 minutes of your show, you have destroyed 40 years of my career."

WWD reports that the history of the change of name is not yet completed, it has only just begun, Hedi Slimane has been a lot of criticism because of its intentions. Let's see if he will dare to take this step completely.

Author: Julia Gnedina