Milla Jovovich - the new face of Avon
 Actress and model Milla Jovovich named person of the female fragrance from Avon - City Rush. Generally, two flavors City Rush - one female and one male. Aroma for the stronger sex is a model Kasia Carlos Grande.

Carlos Milla together and starred in an advertising campaign for the perfume duo. The shooting took place in New York for a couple of cameras, "walk" through Manhattan.

Representatives of Avon crazy Milla, calling her the perfect embodiment of a stylish urban women, but the actress said that she was very excited by the invitation to work with the company Avon.

Milla has joined a fragrance City Rush for Her. "This is a complex flavor, it reflects the nature of mystery and sensuality of women ... When I dipped into the urban hustle and bustle, I become very sexy and this scent about it," - said Milla.

 Milla Jovovich - the new face of Avon
Milla and Carlos advertising Avon fragrances

Jovovich, becoming the face of cosmetics brand, has joined the star, which has called the family Avon: Reese Witherspoon is, Christy Turlington, Patrick Dempsey, Courteney Cox, Herve Leger and Christian Lacroix.

Aromas City Rush for Her and City Rush for Him will go on sale in October 2012.

Author: Julia Gnedina