Model Anna Vyalitsyna play in the continuation of "Die Hard"
 Anna Vyalitsyna, or as it is called in modeling circles, Anne V, debuted as a movie actress. And right in the cult "Die Hard," with Bruce Willis.

Bruce Willis, or rather, his character John McClane, in the new film will again save the world from imminent disaster, and Anna will play a role in the new film. The movie will be partially unfold in Russia.

Anna Vyalitsyna - model with Russian roots, the West began her career with Sports Illustrated, and is now cooperating with international brands and cult designers. Anna V - Angel Victoria `s Secret, a special recognition of her appearance. For Anna's work in the film - it's debut, our model does not previously starred in the films.

Filming already underway, will end February 14, 2013.

Photo: Anna for Sports Illustrated, 2011

Author: Julia Gnedina