New from Röndell: collection of glassware Rosso - a gentle breath of elegance
 Röndell is a collection of his admirers dishes Rosso stainless steel

This collection is literally catches the eye. Noble shades pink champagne   - Corporate colors of the collection - emphasizes gentle flicker of external non-stick coating, making care items tableware collections Rosso   easy and enjoyable experience.

The collection Rosso   Stainless steel shows four positions, three pans of different diameters (2, 0, 2, 8; 4, 9 l.) and the ladle. Ergonomic design and functionality of a steel cookware Rosso from Röndell   will fully enjoy the process of cooking your favorite dishes.

 New from Röndell: collection of glassware Rosso - a gentle breath of elegance

The elegant appearance of dishes, its practicality and durability ensures Medical 18/10 stainless steel used for the manufacture of shells dishes. Covers tableware series Rosso   It is made of glass with an opening for releasing steam and stainless steel rim against cracking and chipping. In the production of tableware Rosso   It uses a unique two-step method of technology "triple" bottom to vshtampovannym and then melting the aluminum disc - it allows you to evenly distribute and retain heat much longer than the sides and bottom of utensils to prevent food sticking, and provides faster cooking.

This continues to prepare dishes, even after turning off the plate, keeping the dish more vitamins and trace elements. Engine capacity mark on the inside surface of the dish makes it easy to follow all the recommendations of the recipe. The accumulation of heat with the lid closed creates a vicious cycle of evaporation, allowing you to cook in a pot without the use of oil and water, or with a minimal amount of that retains the natural taste of food. Cast stainless steel handles complete the elegant look of a stylish modern tableware collections Rosso from Röndell .

All items are sold in an elegant gift box and attached booklet with recipes specialties from Röndell .

About Röndell
Company Röndell GmbH (Germany) operates in the market of professional cookware since 1988, and over the years became a recognized expert development of its design and technology. Since its inception, the company invests heavily in the development of high technologies used in professional cookware. Since 2006, under the brand name Röndell can buy utensils, adapted for home use in the middle price segment. In 2006, the exclusive distributor Röndell in the CIS and Eastern Europe has become a Russian company Golder Electronics.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila