Pyrex Flexi Twist - holiday mood!
 There are many ways to cheer up yourself and your family. You can do creative work, a celebration or just bake something delicious. But it is better - to do everything at once! This will help the new collection of non-stick silicone forms Flexi Twist by French company Pyrex!

FROM Flexi Twist   from Pyrex   easy to prepare cakes and biscuits shaped, bread, pizza and fruit pies. Nothing limits your imagination - after all forms are made of heat-resistant silicone that can withstand temperatures up to 240 ° C! In addition, this innovative material so soft and pleasant to the touch, cook with it - a real pleasure.

 Pyrex Flexi Twist - holiday mood!
 Bright and unusual design flexible texture Flexi Twist   from Pyrex   I enjoy everything, and especially - children. Little helpers can take part in the cooking process, because these forms can not be broken down or ruin! Despite the softness of silicone, Flexi Twist   very comfortable to hold, wide handle with ribbed surface provides a secure grip and prevent slipping out of the hands of form.

And any hostess will appreciate the fact that the inner surface gloss of these products does not stick dough. When the dish is ready, you just need to click on a form that is easy to remove the muffins or cake with perfectly smooth edges.

When everything turns out nice and simple, I want to immediately continue the creative process. There is nothing easier! Silicone forms Flexi Twist   from Pyrex   cool down a few minutes after the baking and again ready to please you.

Incidentally, Flexi Twist   from Pyrex   are multifunctional: they can be used not only in the oven and a microwave, but also in the freezer! This means that your holiday menu enriched by a whole set of curly delicacies. Now you can prepare desserts, mousses, soufflés, jellies and even ice cream!

 Pyrex Flexi Twist - holiday mood!
 Another wonderful feature Flexi Twist   from Pyrex   - Their hygiene. Silicone is recommended for use with food, it does not absorb odors and, most importantly, easy to clean. In addition, you can safely entrust these forms dishwasher.

Collection Flexi Twist   from Pyrex   created to give pleasure. 12 striking variety of shapes for baking will help you prepare a variety of delicious dishes for a variety of occasions. Due to strong and durable material Flexi Twist   more than one year will delight you with a variety of delicacies. FROM Pyrex   house becomes more comfortable, and the mood - the holiday!

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila