Magazine "» № 2-2012 on sale from January 25
 The February issue normally dedicated to men and love. And the theme of the magazine such that without these components "" would not exist at all.

In №2-2012 we share with readers his thoughts about what to do pope at birth, and that he give on Valentine's Day. But why only the Pope?

Here Anastasia Myskina, graces the cover of the February issue, the house will soon be 4 men - her husband and three sons! And all need to be congratulated on February 23!

That it was time to come up with all the gifts, first you need to think about the nurse - an indispensable assistant in the education of children. On what pitfalls lie in wait for the star of the family when their house appears a young nurse, we wrote a whole big article. Read and think.

 Magazine "» № 2-2012 on sale from January 25
 To ensure your thoughts are not black and white, in the next article, we decided to tell you about color therapy for pregnant women. The benefit of it is obvious, and does not cost much money. Hence, continuous use.

As future mothers will be able to learn from our February issue about false pregnancy, the situation is particularly interesting in the winter months, bandages and postpartum weight loss secrets Anna Sedakova.

For those who will soon give birth, our authors have talked to leading obstetricians and wrote articles about the delayed delivery (when 42 weeks and still can), childbirth and neonatal screening twins.

 Magazine "» № 2-2012 on sale from January 25
 Young parents will be interested to read about the early development of children and methods for the prevention of flatfoot.

And those who subscribe to a set of magazines "" and "" waiting for a pleasant surprise (a soft, square with lots of toys). His photograph posted on p. 6 ""

Buy, read, win!

 Magazine "» № 2-2012 on sale from January 25
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Author: Julia Gnedina