Magazine "» № 02-2012 on sale from January 25
 Outside, dominates winter, and long-awaited spring we expect at least a month. What to take themselves and their children? Do not worry - we have thought of everything! Stock up on a variety of games to help pass the long dark evenings and have fun in the company of family, a warm blanket to warm the chilly day at the most, and most importantly - keep a journal - universal guide for parents on children's goods, services and leisure.

In the February issue, we have prepared for you a lot of interesting! For example, having carefully studied the section "Rating", you will find out what children's section now in vogue, and where to take your child to school, so he does not get bored.

Under the heading 'Who Knows?' We decided to pick up a sick theme for all parents - children's greed - to find out the causes and "cures."

Popular stars of Russian show business is also actively involved in the preparation of a new number. Singer Sasha Zvereva in an exclusive interview shared the secrets of parenting and create a strong family. Actress Darya Sagalova told what modern children's things will help ease the life and experiences of a young family and free time.

Those readers who are just getting ready to become parents, too, will find a lot of interesting things. For example, we offer them a fascinating tour of the Maternity hospital №16 of Moscow, to get answers to the most pressing issues of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and discover the wonderful world of useful aqua.

Make it your own - will not be bored!

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Author: Julia Gnedina