New varnish Dior with a delicate floral scent
 New Dior spring varnishes not exclusively on the shades, but they have another advantage - they smell like fresh flowers.

Would you like to have your nail manicure and pedicure did not smell acetone and lilies and lilacs? Dior as the Fairy Godmother fulfills your desire!

Spring duo nail polishes limited edition - a varnish with a luxurious aroma of roses in shades of Forget-Me-Not and Waterlily. Although, of course, I would like to see a light jade nail smelled of mint and light purple - lilac. Perhaps this is the next stage in the development laboratories of Dior.

Lucky with flavors Dior Vernis - Forget-Me-Not (forget-me) and Waterlily (water lily) - go on sale from spring makeup collection Garden Party. They stand like all luxury products are not cheap, $ 23 per bottle.

Author: Julia Gnedina