That men are buying a gift for the New Year?
 Unfortunately, the mass man is not original, and many leave the Christmas shopping and all to the very last moment. And they can then buy?

Employees of the British department store derived a formula that works every year. As soon as they begin to grow sales of the fragrance Chanel № 5, this means that the stronger sex came for Christmas shopping. It is the most popular flavor among men who buy perfume as a present. Yes, they are not original. But maybe it's good, because to get the eternal fragrance gift is not so bad.

If we talk about numbers, it is usually the beginning of man's purchases account for 17-21 December. And they end up almost with chimes. Yes, they all left for the last moment. While women are starting to make Christmas shopping with the first weekend of November.

Besides Chanel № 5, in the category of men's Christmas shopping includes jewelery and underwear.

The manner of men shopping is also different from women's. "They just want to quickly get to the store, everything quickly select and leave as quickly as possible" - say psychologists and marketers.

Author: Julia Gnedina