The collection L.12.12. by Lacoste - a new fragrance
 In 2011, a collection of Lacoste L.12.12. It was represented by three flavors - White, Blue and Green. In February 2012 - in the perfume collections replenishment, fragrance L.12.12. Red (Rouge).

The name of the collection is symbolic. This article is the most popular model polo shirt from Lacoste. The letter «L» - means Lacoste, «1» - the brand of the material used for T-shirts (Petit Piqué), «2» - stands for a model with two short sleeves, and "12" - the number of prototypes that have been made before, in the manufacture of the final product was launched.

If you've seen advertisements fragrance collection L.12.12., Have noticed, perhaps, that the bottles are compared with the T-shirt (packed in a commercial-shirt that turns into a bottle).

Red, of course, lacking in the collection. It is a dynamic, energetic, this smell of perfume fans waiting for Lacoste. New composition meets these requirements. The fragrance opens with powerful notes of red rooibos tea, mandarin liqueur and juicy mangoes. The "heart" - luxurious spices (cardamom, black pepper, ginger). Base notes are warm, warming: benzoin, acacia.

 The collection L.12.12. by Lacoste - a new fragrance

Red vial 30 and 100 ml eau de toilette.

Author: Julia Gnedina