Beer is good for women aged
 It's time to remember the Oktoberfest. Beer Festival. And please pay attention to him all the older ladies.

A new study shows that drinking a whole pint of beer a day, older women can thus protect themselves from osteoporosis. According to the scientists, the beer is an ideal source of dietary silicon, which is crucial in the formation of bones. Our bones are constantly deformed for life, with age, we lose bone mass, but silicon is able to extend the healthy life of the bones.

Silicon is found in some plants and beans, but the silicon in beer, at first, quite a lot, and secondly, it is easier to digest, according to scientists.

Previous studies have demonstrated the link between the amount of silicon in the human diet and bone mineral density. The new findings of Cambridge University scientists have also proved that ethanol is present in beer, helps to prevent bone loss, while the silicon included in the composition of beer, stimulates the growth of new bone tissue.

But why, then, we are talking about women? The fact that silicon in combination with the female hormone estrogen acts on bone well.

Why silicon is best to get out of beer? In fact, silicon is contained in the grains, in cereals. But because now more people diet of processed foods, and the stocks of silicon replenish cereal fails. Pint of beer (about 0, 5 l) contains about 8 mg of silicon, which is one third of the RDA. Researchers concluded that women would benefit from the consumption of moderate amounts of beer as a source of silicon. They advise to menopause drink daily half pint of beer (approximately 0, 25 l) and after menopause increase the amount of beer a day to a pint.

Do you like this tip? Beer every day ... And what about work?

Author: Julia Gnedina