Do not sit on a diet on Tuesday!
 Studies show that women who are starting a new diet on Tuesday, most likely doomed to failure.

Tuesday - the worst day to start a diet. Those who started the diet on Tuesday, much more likely to lose their resolve within a week. While those who start a diet on Monday or Sunday, are more motivated to continuing diet.

The study involved 2000 Britons who were on a diet in the past year. It was found that those who started the diet on Sunday, on average, lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks (in kilograms is about 4 kg). And 88% of them have increased their weight after the diet.

The survey also showed that the average Briton in three years trying to diet. Most goodbye to diet on Friday, after a stressful work week.

So, according to the study, the greatest perseverance in following the diet showed those who started a new diet on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Today is Tuesday? Well, you could eat a cake, still does not work!

Author: Julia Gnedina