Green tea slows weight gain, even if you eat fatty foods
 The real salvation can be green tea, if you have to sometimes eat fatty and heavy meals. He slows down weight gain. Previously we said that similar properties have red wine, but now it is proved that there is a soft way.

Green tea contains the compound epigallocatechin-3 gallate (EGCG), which significantly slows weight gain associated with the consumption of foods high in fat.

People who consumed fatty foods, get some amount of EGCG (they were given green tea), and they are gaining weight is 45% slower than those who did not drink this drink.

The substance EGCG not only reduces the ability to absorb fat, but also contributes to the proper use of it.

Previously, scientists said that for the proper effect a person needs to drink about 10 cups of green tea a day. But recent studies have shown that just a few cups of green tea per day helps control weight (even one or two).

However, nutritionists advise still not one's hopes in losing weight only to green tea. Reduces the amount of food intake, exercise and drinking green tea - that's probably the best recipe for weight control.

Author: Julia Gnedina