Madonna's daughter introduced makeup Material Girl
 Lourdes, daughter of the famous Madonna, apparently inherited from her mother the desire to be first in everything. In 13 years, Lourdes has presented her first collection of clothing under the name Material Girl, and 14 years already presents its own line of cosmetics.

Mark Material Girl has become incredibly popular. Who would have thought that 13-year-old girl will create a business miracle! However, Lourdes to a large extent helped her famous mother, Madonna. The singer had been waiting before you make something in the fashion industry. Many wondered why she still has no flavor of its own, nor her own line of clothing and accessories ... It turns out that Madonna had been saving my ideas for my daughter. At least in all the launches and presentations mother and daughter stand together, although formally brand belongs to Lourdes.

More recently, beauty blogs spread the news that the Material Girl brand will be complemented by a line of cosmetics. And here, the prime minister was not long in coming. August 2 in New York City Lourdes introduced the world to his new project.

In the photo below Lourdes is nail polish, lip gloss and eye shadow. The girl - clothes from the Material Girl, items from the collection Spring-Summer 2011.

 Madonna's daughter introduced makeup Material Girl

Most makeup Material Girl will be presented at stores Macy from September this year, the brand counts on a great wave of shoppers during the beginning of the new academic year. For cosmetics, as well as clothes, intended mainly for teenagers and very young girls.

Lourdes itself is not taken advantage of for the presentation of its cosmetics. She lipstick MAC, hue Russian Red.

 Madonna's daughter introduced makeup Material Girl

The new line of cosmetics includes: body lotions, shower gels, powder, lip gloss, nail polish. Prices are quite democratic - from 7 to 12 dollars.

52-year-old Madonna, of course, crazy success daughter. Though, most likely, she also put a lot of effort success of Lourdes.

 Madonna's daughter introduced makeup Material Girl
Photo: Lourdes, Madonna's face and brand Kelly Osbourne, June 2011.

Photo: Splash

Author: Julia Gnedina