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Sergei Zhukov and Regina Burd: happy together
With the popular singer, producer and businessman Sergei Zhukov and his wife, ex-soloist of group "Cream", beautiful Regina Burd, we met a few years ago. Then, in their close-knit family was in its infancy baby Nick. Time passed quickly. Today Sergey and Regina twice parents: daughter Nika November 3 years old, and the little boy Angela - only 1 5. That changed in the lives of young parents and their children smiling, we talked during our recent meetings, that magic It coincided with the last days of Indian summer.

Learn to swim!
The ability to swim - a skill that never hurts in everyday life. Experts recommend starting to learn it in childhood. From the earliest years of a child must learn to feel confident in the water. Over time, this will not be afraid of the water element and receive Enjoy holiday resorts. And what benefits bring lessons in the pool for a young body!

CFPR professionalism and care - for all
As is known, the facts - are stubborn things, and the facts, backed up by the opinion of witnesses, are indisputable arguments. Arguments speaking in favor of the Center for Family Planning and Reproduction, myriad. For example, today is a place - one of the few who choose to give birth representatives of show business, the world of sports, politics and bohemian, in short, people are well-known and not the poor. In addition, CFPR - not just a well-equipped hospital, a unique medical institution, which can be given a full range of assistance in the field of gynecology and obstetrics. Finally, 15 years ago, there was born my daughter, so I personally was lucky to see the inside of the inner sanctum. Many years later, I am happy to come back here as a guest.

Perhaps every parent sooner or later faced with a choice: to be or not to be an animal in the house? And despite the fact that the beneficial effect of cats, dogs and other animals on the children - a scientifically proven fact, not every adult is ready to experience the joy and all the "charms" of staying in a small apartment and not always obedient creatures. About the animals of his childhood, and the fact that parents do if a child asks earnestly pet star told us mom and dad.

Anastasia Stotskaya: conceptual Mom
With the birth of son Alexander the popular singer and actress Anastasia Stotskaya began a new stage in life. Red-haired beauty to suspend performances and touring with pleasure plunged into the world of pleasant cares young moms. Where sleeping baby in a stroller for a walk, what kind of underwear to choose for themselves - information about this and many other Nastia gladly share with our readers.

Catching, fish, big and small
Restaurants are different: some people come in just for a pleasant environment in the other - for the quality of food, the third - for the sake of both. Today we are talking about the third option - a place where nepafosnoy, but at the same time, a relaxed atmosphere, you can enjoy a truly magnificent and expertly cooked fish! AT Fish House 'Filimonova & Yankel "   small and large guests plenty to dream - to choose not just any favorite fish or seafood, but also the way of cooking! And great chef will make sure that even your little foodie become a true connoisseur of perfectly cooked inhabitants of the water element!

Lyceum № 1598
"I love our little school. For what? I do not know. They are know for what, when they love? I like it here just fine "- tells me my friend, former classmate Tanya, who works at the Lyceum № 1598 as an English teacher.

Children's TV
According to UNESCO, 93% of today's children aged 3-5 years looking at the screen 28 hours per week, that is, about 4 hours per day, which far exceeds the time to communicate with adults. This "harmless" activity is quite happy not only children but also their parents. Indeed, the child does not stick, does not ask, do not bully is not compromised and at the same time gets the impression, it is attached to the modern civilization. TV has become an integral part of the lives of both adults and children. Well, that from all variety of TV programs these days have the opportunity to choose those that will benefit kids and will not only entertain them, but also to learn something new.

Why do children in kindergarten so often get sick?
Children grow up, go to kindergarten, and mothers clutching his head: the kid just does not get out of colds and always "cling" viruses. These temptations parents, of course, blame the teachers oversight and poor conditions in the group. But in fact, this pain, the assurances of pediatricians - the norm for organized childcare. Even if the child does not belong to the often ill children immunocompromised, for the year, according to statistics, he is sick of SARS and influenza 3-5.

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Author: Julia Gnedina