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Alexei Courtney perfect dad
Nikita, Artemije, Arseny, Athanasius and Aksinya - five children is a great popular singer and composer, leader of the "accident" Alexei Kortneva. The long-awaited daughter in a family of Alexei and his wife Amina appeared recently on May 22, and was a real godsend. "Children - a major achievement in my life! - Keeps repeating all newly dad. - For each person in the first place should be a family. " On how Alex manages all - to perform live, playing in the theater and in the movies, do business, sports, and still devote time to family - and we talked to him behind the curtain of the summer.

Strong muscles - easy delivery
  During pregnancy, a woman stretched muscles, lose their tone and become weak. With the "baggage" of the future mother will not be easy at birth. That's why experts recommend that during the whole period of pregnancy to regularly exercise different muscle groups, to the time of birth, they were strong and prepared for loading.

Perinatal Medical Center - is not on the standard tour
Our visits to the capital of the hospital are usually built on one scenario: after a preliminary agreement journalist and photographer come to the maternity hospital, where the staff are satisfied with their full tour of the offices, introduces employees and in living a relaxed conversation is about familiar to them, but mysterious for expectant mothers the everyday life of a medical institution.

Stars on the topic: children's safety on the road
It would seem that could be easier: green - go, red - stop, be sure to use a child seat in the vehicle, observe the speed limit? These simple rules everyone knows, but for some reason, not everyone observes them, and because children's safety on the road - it is, without exaggeration, the most important issue, particularly in connection with the new school year. His thoughts on the subject shared with us the parents-star drivers.

Mom Beauty
Experts have long proved that cosmetic products that we use every day affect our emotional state. Properly fitted shower gels, creams, lotions and shampoos improves mood, normalize the activity of the nervous system and energized. If we look into the bathroom average family, we will be able to see on the shelves of a wide range of care products for face and body. However, not all the funds that we choose a useful and safe for us and our children.

Natural diapering
Swaddling history rooted in the distant past. For millennia, mankind kopilo knowledge of the uncomplicated process, to improve techniques and methods of swaddling. In our time, against the background of widespread diapers parents are increasingly began to return to the well-forgotten old and choose reusable nappies. By making this choice, the parents do not care about
what is best for them, and that is better for the baby.

Detailed approach of Irene Ponaroshku
In late March, a famous TV presenter Irena Ponaroshku first became a mother. Even during pregnancy, she wasted no time and very carefully choose the necessary accessories for the care of the baby. Long consultations with experts, interviews with friends and gave birth at the innate practicality Irene did their job - now her son surrounded by Seraphim is really necessary, useful and safe thing.

Visiting the "Anderson"
When the family comes first in this cafe, children always ask: who is Anderson? It turns out that in the middle of the last century in Stockholm in a family bakery worked wonders confectioner Gustav Anderson. His freshest breads, cakes, croissants, aromatic coffee just adored all the inhabitants of the city, including the famous Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren, who together with their children every morning begins with breakfast in the candy store.

Studio Theatre "Fidget"
Teachers of this group has never cast doubt on that every child -talantlivaya person with a lot of strengths that just need to see properly and constantly evolving. That is what has for 20 years been "Hurry."

Why need a nap?
It is said that children grow up in a dream - and it's true. For the health of the baby, its development, for the development of full immunity and normal functioning of the nervous system sleep is very important.

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Author: Julia Gnedina