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Star Fitness
For the stars of regular exercise - part of the profession. Before defile in the wonderful creations of the most famous fashion designers on the red carpet of film and music festivals, it is necessary to demonstrate the wonders of strength, will and endurance on the treadmill at the gym. And this becomes particularly important for those "stars" who recently became mothers - because the status requires to return to familiar forms as soon as possible.

Anna Sedokova: childbirth with Hollywood smile
Ten flight between Russia and America to become a singer, actress, TV presenter and mother of Anna Sedokova twice as common as for you and me - daily trip to the subway. Leaving for a few days of her beloved husband and priceless subsidiaries overseas, beauty Anya hurry to Moscow. Less than a week it is time to give dozens of interviews, shoot for a few glossy magazines, visit the secular parties, to record a new unit series for the TV project "Podium", and sometimes even visit your favorite Kiev. In late September, we were able to meet with the ex-soloist of "VIA Gra", congratulate a young mother with the birth of a second daughter, and learn firsthand the secrets of her beauty and uncommon energy.

About prenatal screening - not only
Despite the fact that the words "prenatal screening" has long ceased to seem to us incomprehensible and strange, the procedure itself causes some concern expectant mothers. Rather, they are afraid to even proper procedure and its possible consequences. Unfortunately, many people prefer to receive information on various Internet forums, where it is, of course, biased. That is why it is important for pregnant women to learn a professional opinion about what the screening, what it needs and which affects its results.

Pregnant attitude
What would we say to a pregnant woman - member of our discussions "on a given topic" Sooner or later the conversation slips into discussing the most topical, perhaps the problem for pregnant women - to their interesting situation around them, near and far. And just so worried about this issue, we have decided to discuss it separately: in a society now actively promoted family values, but whether society itself is ready to change? Does it feel comfortable expectant mothers in the public transport, health centers, on the street and in other public places?

Free. For what?
It does not mean they do not love children. Some of them are happy to play the role of good uncles and aunts, swinging on the head and nephews and godchildren are willing to sacrifice a few hours a month to ensure that communicate with the younger generation. But - a stranger. His children do not want to have them. Why is that?

In the old days, about how the fetus is in the womb, could say only a very experienced midwife. Today, thanks to the ubiquity of ultrasound diagnosis doctors see it on the screen. Data obtained during the ultrasound can help determine if the correct position is the kid and make a probabilistic forecast of delivery - whether they are spontaneous or with the use of caesarean section.

 Magazine "» № 11-2011 on sale from October 25
 Life after birth
Pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks. During this time, all the work of the female organism is subject to the same goal - nurturing a baby. Hormonal changes, starting with the moment of conception, in the first nine months of radically alters the activity of internal organs, and thus a return to the still doberemennomu state also is not quick.

Precious stock
Many breast milk, and the baby just do not have time to eat it? There was a need to stock? You decide on any shelf of the refrigerator to put that managed to decant? On these and many other issues related to breast milk storage, today we will try to answer.

Umbilical hernia in children
Each young mothers have many questions relating to her newborn baby. It is of concern to all: and why a baby's tummy ache, and why he vomits, and how well he takes the breast. And sometimes mothers notice protrusion of the umbilical ring. This may be an umbilical hernia, the appearance of which requires urgent consultation with a doctor.

 Magazine "» № 11-2011 on sale from October 25
 Eggs: a new kind of foods
The diet of the child, this product appears almost immediately after the introduction of complementary foods. However, the baby meets first with only one of its components, and that is not the whole, but a small a part. Subsequently, he has a place in the menu, and is used by itself, and being a part of other dishes.

Master class from Irene Ponaroshku
Popular TV host, producer and a young mother Irena Ponaroshku talks about her struggle with excess weight during pregnancy and after childbirth.

What do the tests?
Expectant mother for the time of pregnancy often have to take all sorts of tests. What for? Analysis of fluids in our body - the most affordable, simple and significant method of diagnosis. After all the changes taking place in our body, immediately reflected in the composition of blood and urine. That is why even the fact of pregnancy, a woman confirms writing for the morning on the rapid test or passing a simple blood test for hCG. But it is worth remembering that the decoding of all the other tests the doctor should do (this is to ensure that the figures stated on the form, not very frightened susceptible pregnant women).

From fairy tales to the lullaby
The man - a social creature. People, even the smallest, necessarily requires communication. Moreover, if an infant with a baby a little talking, not singing him songs and told poems, his emotional, spiritual, and physical spheres are mostly undeveloped. And the right of those parents who begin to attach their crumbs of wealth speech before birth and continue to do so immediately after childbirth. After all, what it is put into the subconscious, and is fundamental to the future development.

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