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Starry Childhood
We all come from childhood. Those who are now ruling the world, his minds, emotions and passions, too, were once young. Those Hollywood diva is now considered the standard of beauty and object of desire - whether they were first-class beauties? And those funny dudes, one whose appearance on the screen makes us laugh - they also entertained classmates and teachers from the last party? You will be surprised to know that many people recognized clever thought almost mentally retarded, and his shy beauty braces on the teeth, were "gray mice" and nothing really stood out among their peers.

Family values ​​Daniel Spivakovsky
The popular film and theater actor honored artist of Russia Daniel Spivakovsky most do not like to miss. Do not sit still, not to live without work, spare no emotion - these principles, Daniel tries to follow in the profession and personal life.

 Magazine "» № 9-2011 on sale from August 24
   From early childhood, the future actor loved to play in front of their classmates mini-performances, reading, standing on the couch, fairy tales - in short, doing everything to blow up the surrounding atmosphere. Today, these principles is trying to stick to the family of Daniel - wife Svetlana, the eldest daughter Dasha and newborn Dania. About creativity, love, children, and plans for the future, and we talked with two parents.

 Magazine "» № 9-2011 on sale from August 24
 Genetics - before birth
Drinking us doctor- geneticist, patients rather contradictory. On the one hand, many people do not even want to think about what may be the bearers of any pathology, and prefer to operate on the principle of "The less you know - better sleep." On the other - panic fear for their health in the mistaken belief that genetic testing is able to cause them any harm.

The extremes of healthy nutrition
Eat right - it's wonderful. However, the rules are good and which of them are always exceptions.

 Magazine "» № 9-2011 on sale from August 24
 Silicone and body piercing
The beautiful half of humanity is constantly dissatisfied with his body and looking for every opportunity to make it more beautiful and perfect. However, what is good for the young beauty is not always good for the body of the future mother. We seek a compromise.

Virtual reality of motherhood
Maternal instinct wakes himself, but motherhood need to learn. That is why many expectant mothers are not limited to the reading of the special literature, and recorded in the school preparation for childbirth. These courses have a minimum at each antenatal clinic. But what if the drive - away or pregnancy is not easy, and I want to leave the house less often?

Kegel exercises
In the late 40-ies of the last century, an American professor of obstetrics and gynecology Arnold Kegel was trying to solve one of the delicate problems faced by women during pregnancy and after childbirth - lack of control over urination and developed a set of exercises that would train the muscles of the pelvic floor.

 Magazine "» № 9-2011 on sale from August 24
 Meet on clothes
Most pregnant seems the perfect time, when a woman blooms and does not require additional framing its charm. But some expectant mothers do not agree: the beauty to see, when sick, when from the waist were only memories, no ring on your finger does not fit? Tips perinatal psychologist, the head of school for parents "New People" Svetlana Bannikova.

Related single chain
In fact, the child's mother is not laid nine months of pregnancy, and at least twice as long. It is not a pipsqueak took his first steps, he can travel mostly on my mother's hands. Wheelchair helps, of course, but to use it you can not always. So come to the aid of the woman all sorts of devices that make it mobile, allowing the not to be separated from your baby for a minute. And for some women, calling themselves slingomamami, cloth, knit across the chest, and do is the first step toward a new philosophy of life.

 Magazine "» № 9-2011 on sale from August 24
 Keep cell bank
Bank of stem cells is not affected by the global financial crisis and the drop in prices on the leading stock exchanges. Parents make a contribution to the bank, I want to believe that this precaution is never useful. But life is unpredictable, and nice to know what is stored in a safe place almost universal remedy that will save even the greatest adversity.

The secret of her youth
According to recent research scientists, University of Texas, USA, the ideal age for a woman's first birth is 34 years. After studying the medical records of more than 2 million of the fair sex, uchenye found out that it was to 34 years achieved the optimum balance between the health of women and their material well-being. The main thing - to have time to 35, when it begins to observe the deterioration of reproductive health. The study results allowed the scientists to conclude that "a woman who gave birth to first child at age 34, is 14 years younger than the state of health than birth to 18 years." It turns out that late pregnancy rejuvenates? Is it so?

Thrush of the genus Candida
Let's talk about thrush. Not about that cute thrush that brings the milk kiddies, but the fungal disease, deliver the baby so much inconvenience.

 Magazine "» № 9-2011 on sale from August 24
 5 Mistakes weaning
"What's wrong with that deal - to give the baby solid foods? Just think, the great wisdom! "- Exclaim other parents. And often (of course, without meaning to) make the most absurd mistakes that later, alas, can bring great harm to the health of the baby.

Learning from the cradle
With the birth of the baby to his parents great responsibility not only for his health and well-being of today, but also for his future. We would like to see their child be successful, happy, full development. Moreover, work in this direction, many prefer is called from childhood, afraid to lose precious time.

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