Competition-quiz "Guess what's next! "
 This competition - just the beginning of the contest, which will take place in several stages. Each stage lasts a month. Participants are encouraged to respond to the questions posed in the conditions of the competition and score as many points. Points members will be added. The participant with the highest score in the end, get a super prize purse with accessories.

The effective size of the current Italian bag with long handles on a chain. Fastens with a zipper inside, has two main compartments with a pocket in the middle. Rear zippered pocket, 2 small pocket - a mobile phone and cards. Outside the bag with the original stamping. We add to bag all the accessories you may need an energetic young woman - stylish purse, business card holders and housekeeper. Competition-quiz "Guess what's next! "

And now, the first stage of the contest "Guess what's next! "

Have you tried reading a book, stop, put the book aside and think of yourself - and what is there now? Do you get to guess? Or reading further, we see that the author is still all up in his own? We suggest that you try to guess. Read short excerpts from the books of Natalia and Tatiana Kalinina Korsakov (series "Signs of Destiny") and try to answer the question - what happened next. Test your insight! Wins the one who most accurately guess the continuation of the story or the one who came up with the most interesting and incredible version.

The winner gets - Coffee Delonghi EC 9 Competition-quiz "Guess what's next! "

Semi-automatic coffee maker Delonghi EC 9 will give you excellent design and delicious, aromatic coffee. Moreover, the presence of the system that mixes the milk, air and steam, wherein the directing milk foam directly into the cup, you allow to prepare cappuccino. In addition, for lovers of this drink is provided manual control system of steam. Do you have a great opportunity to personally manage the formation of foam. Tea has a specially developed system for adjusting the coffee strength and the ON indication and permanent filter will make the process easy and convenient. And most importantly, you will certainly will be satisfied with the quality of the drink, besides Italian espresso invigorate you for the day.

Yet two users,   whose responses like the jury will receive a set of 5 best films about love . Competition-quiz "Guess what's next! "

Set of 5 best movies of love adorn any collection and will spend the evening.

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