contest "Colours of Autumn"
 Autumn is not only time to decay, it is - it's time to bright colors. Bright, vivid colors - red, yellow, orange, purple, purple ... And it's only the leaves! And then there are autumn flowers and ... bright colors of autumn vegetables. And we offer you to paint bright colors dishes for your family!

We invite you to paint bright colors of food for his family, taking part in the competition "Colours of Autumn", which we do with the brand Philips.

Prepare for the period from October 20 to November 20   dish "autumn colors", place prescription in " Articles. Recipes and cooking. Colours of Autumn " and win a great prize from the brand Philips. Three basic conditions: the dish should contain any brightly colored vegetable - carrots, beets, squash, tomatoes, radishes, peppers, etc .. And the second condition - the final dish should be bright, "fall" colors - will suit orange, yellow, red and all shades of those colors. We did not limit your choice of dish - it may be a first, second, side dish, dessert (why not?) Recipe of domestic preparations, etc. Yes, the third condition. It will be evaluated the originality and aesthetics submission of the finished product.

And so it was interesting to take part in the competition, we will tell you about the prizes.

The winner will receive an aluminum steamer Philips HD9160 contest "Colours of Autumn"

Aluminium steamer Philips HD9160 incorporates advanced technology company in the field of steam cooking and has a number of unique features.

Technology of enhancing the flavor Flavour Booster allows using not only dry spice but also liquid sauces and dressings to impart dishes original flavors. You can create your own unique bouquet of dried herbs - bay leaf, rosemary, coriander and cumin, and supplement it with a fragrant broth, soy sauce, lemon juice, wine, and get a dish with a unique complex flavor.

The first steamer is equipped with three drip tray. With this feature, smells and tastes of different dishes do not mix, at the same time each dish will be filled with flavor.

User runner-up will be awarded HR1367 blender from Philips. contest "Colours of Autumn"

Now, to prepare nutritious vegetable dishes, soups, smoothies, which will raise the spirits, fragrant sauce or gourmet desserts to treat yourself and family, you will need a minimum of time and effort.

Philips HR1367 combines the functions of a blender, a mixer and a food processor and allows you to prepare meals of varying complexity without the need for other devices.

The prize for the third place - blender HR2170 / 50 Philips contest "Colours of Autumn"

Fresh flavors every day! Blender for making fruit smoothies, tasty soups and juices. This Philips blender is used to serving variety every day. You can cook fresh juices, homemade soups or create nutritional smoothies.
The best way to cook your favorite dishes!

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