Spring varnish from Chanel
 There is information about the mini-collection of Chanel nail polish for the season Spring-Summer 2012. We are a charming trio of colors!

I like the lakes of Chanel, not just quality. Well, they are available for each season is not huge collections of 12 or more colors, and suspended and trendy pairs or threes mostly. Because if you count how many times a year we put a new nail, turns out not so much, it turns out, each new color must be "the point." It is therefore recommend that my colleagues on the site agreed with me, to be guided in the choice of color collection Chanel. They will not let a mistake.

Despite the fact that more New collections are not all out on the shelves, on the ideas of spring, too, can reflect. After the September fashion week took place (and they were a season Spring-Summer 2012), the first look at the new items presented.

Chanel is preparing to spring a new charming three. Three of caramel color named "April", "May" and "June". It is the color of berry jam, soft pink and pastel shades of apricot. Hue "June" (apricot) was immediately appreciated by the experts as the most striking novelty of the next season.

 Spring varnish from Chanel

Lucky will go on sale in January 2012. Oh, something I immediately wanted in the summer looking at them)))))

Photo: LisaEldridge.com

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina