Vivienne Westwood criticizes Kate Middleton
 70-year-old designer Vivienne Westwood recently talked with a journalist of the magazine London Sunday Times. We talked about Kate Middleton, Kate Moss and Galliano.

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Vivian is not the first who criticized the make-up of the Duchess of Cambridge (read this note, we wrote about Kate slips). "I think she has a problem with eye make-up" - says Westwood. "This is a clear line of sight makes it very difficult." And surly, we would add.

As for the style of Kate Middleton, in the opinion of Vivienne Westwood, to the rank of "style icon" Kate is still far away. While many fans Middleton has brought it to the list of "icons". Westwood says so much about the style of the Duchess: "Kate is too fascinated by the image of" ordinary woman ", which goes to the regular stores. And yet, it is - not an ordinary woman, and must keep this in mind when buying clothes for themselves. "

 Vivienne Westwood criticizes Kate Middleton

 Vivienne Westwood criticizes Kate Middleton

Vivian spoke about her favorite Kate Moss. Remember, many said that Vivienne - one of those who could be a designer wedding dress patterns. However, Westwood said that she can create Kate's wedding dress itself is not worse. As a result, Kate Moss was in a dress by Galliano (because of the court proceedings in the work on board in the main part of his friend and companion), and Westwood is very appreciated triumph of style and Kate Moss. "Her wedding - one of the best that has ever happened." However, a small proportion of the critics got a friend. Westwood said that Kate Moss too keen on vintage clothes, and advised smaller models retro.

We talk about Galliano. Westwood does not apply to those who "jumped" to the designer after his antics. It is quite restrained talked about the trial, and expressed the hope that this unpleasant period will soon be over for Galliano. "At the wedding, Moss, he looked very good. It seems that the situation is getting better "- said Vivian.

Author: Julia Gnedina