Why fragrance Chanel № 19 is so named, and why it is reconstituted in August?
 Perfume House of Chanel with the number 19 has a non-random name. Did you know that he is named in honor of the 19th of August? What happened on August 19?

It is certainly not about the coup and the immediate fall collections in boutiques. The fragrance is named after August 19 is the birthday of the founder of the famous brand, Coco Chanel. And this year, on August 19 in stores Chanel receive an updated version of the classic smell of the 70s - she named Chanel No. 19 Poudre.

The scent is described as a bright, soft and comfortable. It reflects the freshness of early autumn, this is achieved by strong notes of green leaves and powdery iris. The new fragrance is already on sale in the shop at Saks Fifth Avenue. Fans and collectors of the brand can also buy it online Chanel. It is expected that the beginning of sales - on 19 August. In other places selling fragrance will appear later in the fall.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina