Winter trends of CND
 The corporation CND each season pleases its fans amazing limited editions collections varnishes and products of exceptional skin care legs and arms. Meet the fabulous duo varnishes The plum truffle collection and healing foot cream Cucumber Heel Therapy.

That is over it is time to open shoes and sandals. It would seem to follow the appearance of the legs with the utmost care is no longer necessary. But the nail-specialists, on the contrary, it is recommended to provide them with even greater care! After warm closed shoes and constant contact with synthetics create not the most comfortable environment for women's feet. Very often because of this suffering skin feet - there are cracks and calluses. How to deal with these problems?

We present to your attention a unique tool Cucumber Heel Therapy   by CND. This cream is quick and guaranteed to get rid of cracks on the feet and flaky skin. The result is noticeable in just a few days! Part of the cream of urea has excellent antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing effect. Additionally, Cucumber Heel Therapy contains cucumber extract, chamomile and aloe vera to soften, moisturize and protect the skin.
With cream Cucumber Heel Therapy of CND your feet will find soft and silky. Now it's easy to be beautiful and well maintained all year round!

 Winter trends of CND

This presents us with a fabulous winter duo The plum truffle collection . Noble rich plum shade lacquer Plum Truffle and no less intriguing and gorgeous sparkling effect Plum Truffle Sparkle set to paint a boring routine, and add them to the glitz and glamor. You can use these smart coatings in a duet, causing effect on the lacquer, as well as separately. It all depends on my mood and the desire to express their individuality. In any case, you will find an unbeatable magic to the tips of nails.

Add shine to your image with a magnificent collection of The plum truffle collection. Without a doubt, rich plum color lacquer and alluring shimmer magic effect will be a bright addition to your winter onions.

 Winter trends of CND

Author: Julia Gnedina