The new service fitness "figure like an idol"
 Network London fitness clubs Gymbox offers its clients the new class. You can "order" his figure choice: like Beoynse as Kylie Minogue, like Kim Kardashian or like Pippa Middleton.

Instructors wear T-shirts with the names of the four celebrities. What kind of shape you choose - to such an instructor and go to class. The course "figure like ..." lasts six weeks, and each coach offers different methods to achieve the goal.

For example, hitting the course "figure like Pippa", your classes will consist mainly of Pilates, and "sculpt" a figure like Beyonce dancing will help, toning and strength exercises more.

Of course, the author does not rule out the idea that genetics play an important role in the formation of our figures, and courses "figure like ..." - more than a publicity stunt. But at the same time, Herbert Shmeyl (namely, the manager came up with a new service Gymbox) admitted that practicing different loads can generate different results, so do not believe the idea is completely fiction.

Do you have any figure currently booked? As one of the celebrities?

 The new service fitness "figure like an idol"
Promotional poster of new services "figure like ...". Photo

Author: Julia Gnedina