In Russia began selling Ford Focus III
 C 1 to June 2011, Russia began selling Ford Focus new generation. «Ford Focus for 7 consecutive years, has become the most popular foreign car in Russia, this car has changed the presentation of the Russian mass car", - says Mark Ouvenden, president and managing director of Ford in Russia.

The new Ford Focus III becomes the next step in the evolution of the family Focus and sets new standards in the class, offering comfort and technology that we used to see on cars in different price categories. Prices for new items will start from 499 000 rubles.

New technologies and security for all
Ford Focus III won five stars from the European Committee for the active and passive safety of the EuroNCAP safety of passengers during an accident as a frontal and side impact, and the highest score for child protection. The model also proved to be one of the best in terms of safety of adult passengers and pedestrians.

 In Russia began selling Ford Focus III
The new Ford Focus striking example of the philosophy of 'kinetic design »Ford. "Energy in Motion" - the most capacious and precise definition of the idea of ​​'kinetic design'

Among the brand new options available when choosing a Ford Focus III - an innovative system of active parking assistance. Another extremely useful driver assistance systems - monitoring "blind" zones (LED indicator on the rear-view mirror warns you if the other car was in the "blind spot" with any party). The rest of the available options are: Park Distance Control, a rain sensor, and a navigation system with maps of Russia and Eastern Europe. Such a system will receive 4, 2-inch display, six speakers and the ability to connect external devices via USB-port. Russian Focus Palette consists of ten colors. Ford Focus III will be released in Russia in four trim levels: Ambiente, Trend, Trend Sport and Titanium.

 In Russia began selling Ford Focus III
The system of active parking assistance will make parallel parking spaces only 20% more than the full length of the car

Ford Focus III parked himself - a video of the system of active parking assistance: v = zg1MzVgqoZg

Videos, how the system monitoring blind spots: v = cQdrALYTtzk

 In Russia began selling Ford Focus III
Modern materials give the impression that you are in the premium car

How to buy:
Meet the new Ford Focus, you can have all the official dealers Ford.

Also, Ford Focus III is available in an accessible supply of credit under the program Ford Credit: 4.9% per annum for 3 years with an initial payment of 30% of the value of the car without a commission for granting the loan. The program will run from July 1, but to make payment and obtain prior approval possible from June 1, in the salons of official dealers Ford.

Production of Focus III will begin on the Russian company's plant in Vsevolozhsk in July. Initially the plant will produce the car in the back of a five-door hatchback in September 2011 - a sedan, and since January 2012 - the wagon.

Learn more about the options for the new Ford Focus, you can see the official website of Porsche Ford:

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