Shamtu - 100% and 200% the amount of softness in the big package
 Spring Nature with its splendor waking from sleep - one of the most fascinating and beautiful sights. But in order to once again flourish in all its glory after a long cold winter, it needs a bright sun and life-giving water. Likewise, your hair after the test cold requires extra care, and one shampoo is not enough here.

This spring the nature comes to help lovers of healthy, voluminous and soft hair - a new series of light balm-conditioner Shamtu   with natural ingredients thanks to its special formula provides the hair volume 100% and 200% * ** softness.

Shamtu   It is a collection of 3 balms lung-rinse: Jojoba extract, chamomile extract and wheat extract. Jojoba extract give you an incredibly rich and deep color hair, an extract of wheat to protect them from breakage and chamomile will give new life to damaged hair. Simply apply a light balm rinse hair after each shampooing, and soon the men will not be able to withdraw from your eyes, and women are wondering who is your stylist. Save this little secret between you and Shamtu .

 Shamtu - 100% and 200% the amount of softness in the big package

When in the air spring fluids and you are surrounded by the endless attention and admiration, because you do not want to think about buying new tools for hair care instead ended. Shamtu   I care for you and this - update pack lightweight balm-rinse volume of 380ml permanently retain the natural beauty, volume and softness of your hair, not ending until the summer.

Shampoos and conditioners light-conditioners Shamtu   - This is a simple way to shining purity, lush, silky hair. And let the spring dizzy, and your gorgeous hairstyle helps to captivate the hearts of men, because you can not afford to be beautiful and carefree as ever. Surrender to the power of new feelings and emotions, and take care of your irresistibility Shamtu !

* applies to the line of shampoos Shamtu.
** shampoo and balsam conditioner easy compared to the shampoo without a conditioning effect.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila