Atmosphere Art Exhibition, February 25-27, Tishinka
 We invite all of you in the famous shopping center "Tishinka" Moscow Tishinskaya Sq., 1, 25-27 February 2011 will be held I-th International exhibition and sale of products for needlework and creativity "The atmosphere of creativity."
"The atmosphere of creativity" - it is an occasion to meet and get to know like-minded people, to plunge into the sea all pleasant and useful things in the same place to buy everything you need, and get a huge charge of positive emotions.

In a Programme:

- Presentation of new products and sales of goods, materials and accessories for the modern hobby and crafts;

- Exposure rukodelnyh works made in different techniques: scrapbooking, kardmeyking, origami, quilling, decoupage, patchwork, embroidery, knitting and crochet, product made of polymer clay and plastic, paintings, dolls and bears, beading, author posting jo handmade floristry and much more;

- More than 50 workshops and master-show;

- Blitz-consultation and professional advice;

- Free workshops for children;

- Interesting contests, raffles and lotteries.

Publishing house "Burda", School of Design and Creativity "Arek" Journal "cross stitching" Scrap-INFO, "The Moscow Club origami RUKARTOSTI, Creative Workshop" people, "the magazine" PRO-Delco, "project" ARTINDUSTRIYA, Training Center Masters clothing production "EXCLUSIVE" online store casket, the company "A & M", the magazine "Girls-BOYS" online store "visionaries", the magazine "Valea VALENTINE" Company "ARTUGOLOK" STUDIO PAINTING Tatiana Kudryavtseva, the project " HOBBY WORLD ", the company" FROGGY ART ", workshop" Rosemary ", studio scrapbooking, sculpting SCHOOL Olga Petrova, shop Auntie pv. Lyuba, Davydov MANUFACTURE, designer stamp magazine "do it yourself", the company "scrapbooking," the company "DIZANEYNERSKIE STAMPS" knitting school "WOOLEN history," the magazine "Deco" and others.

 Atmosphere Art Exhibition, February 25-27, Tishinka