Fa Magical Moments: recipes for good mood
 Daily skin care - it's not just the usual ritual of beauty, but also an opportunity to start the morning in a good mood, or give yourself enjoying the magic minute at the end of an eventful day. That is why we are so careful to choose the means to care for the body - are important for us caring properties and pleasant fragrance inspiring, valuable ingredients and, of course, a brand worthy of trust.

Fa - the world famous brand tools for body care - prepared a magnificent gift to its fans - a new line Fa Magical Moments . As part of the line - shower gels and deodorant spray with enchanting aromas, reminiscent of the world of "high" perfumes. The valuable ingredients in funds gently care for the skin and give a long a feeling of freshness.

In line Fa Magical Moments   It reflected one of the most current trends in the world of fashion - find an original combination of charming floral aromas. At the heart of this fragrance is a novelty - feminine notes of lily, jasmine and rose. The basis of the flavor of a warm trail of musk, peach and sweet woody scent. A top notes of fresh herbs, fruits and bergamot open the composition, bringing sensuality and charm.

Fine fragrances funds line Fa Magic Moments harmoniously complement the valuable caring ingredients in the formula. New shower gels with shea butter and passion fruit, as well as pearl proteins gently cleanses the skin, giving a fresh, natural beauty and a priceless sense of confidence.

In line Fa Magical Moments   It includes completely new products with exquisite flavors and ingredients for a special skin care:

 Fa Magical Moments: recipes for good mood
 Fa Magical Moments "Shea Butter and Passion": shower gel and deodorant spray

The composition formula of shower gel includes valuable shea butter, softening, moisturizing and regenerating the skin, as well known for its protective properties. Another component of the funds - an extract of an exotic flower Passiflora - suitable for sensitive skin and is an excellent natural antioxidant. A fragrant deodorant "Shea Butter and Passion" harmoniously completes the pampering.

 Fa Magical Moments: recipes for good mood
 Fa Magical Moments "Pearl proteins": shower gel

Pearl proteins included in the new formula of shower gel by Fa, has long been successfully used in cosmetology. "Precious" ingredient helps improve skin elasticity, gently moisturizes and helps restore. The result exceeds expectations - pearl proteins give the skin soft and natural beauty.

Equity line Fa Magical Moments are available in spectacular bottles made in fashionable colors. Fans of the brand will distinguish unmistakably a novelty in the range of Fa lilac and purple packaging with large color images.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Lavrushina Lyudmila